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Here at Aten-Eco developments we believe that the future of the housing industry in the UK must change the way it constructs homes to become more sustainable and efficient. For this reason, we have tasked ourselves with a duty to provide quality homes that are not only affordable but aesthetically pleasing that also provide enhanced efficiency within the homes.

Our market research shows us that an ever-increasing demand of new buyers in the UK are making their buying decision based on the green and sustainable features of the home they are investing in. So, at Aten our goal is to open the market up with our product of modular, highly insulated buildings that reduce the amount of heat loss to a minimum so that less energy is consumed in maintaining the comfortable ambient temperature of the building throughout the course of the year. Also, by implementing renewable energy sources such as solar panels and ground source heat pumps this can further improve the efficiency of the buildings.

Modular homes are a new and innovative way to provide greener more thermally efficient houses that consume less energy which helps to cut down the cost of utilities saving you money in the long term. Interior layouts and positionings of openings and outlets can be changed and altered depending on the requirements of the client making this house personalised and tailored to the individual’s needs. Whilst being friendlier to mother earth.



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