We construct solid, practical and energy-saving solutions.

We focus on renewable energy sources, thus protecting the environment. In return, our customers can enjoy low operating costs.

The complete house is made of natural, certified materials in closed conditions and transported ready for assembly once planning and building consent has been approved.

Modular houses are an innovative solution that can be tailored to our client’s needs.

The technology we use is based on the construction of ready-made wooden modules, which are installed at the construction site. Each module is one wall – from the inside that is finished with plasterboard, from the outside with acrylic plaster cladded with a decorative board.

The walls have 250mm of insulation – 100mm of mineral wool from the outside and 150mm of mineral wool filling the structure. The wall – modules have an electrical conduit already installed into each module.

Modular houses are adapted for heating by traditional methods; however, we recommend ecological solutions – heat pumps that are environmentally friendly, but also more economical.